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DR NELLY Abortion Clinic - Dr. NELLY Late Term Abortion Specialist
Our purpose is to provide the safest possible abortion care and termination of pregnancies for fatal anomalies or other medical indications. Abortion care is always provided in a confidential, comfortable, and dignified outpatient setting for women world-wide.

NELLY Abortion Clinic offers:
• Late Term Abortions PAST 20 weeks
• Early Surgical Abortions are abortions performed BEFORE 7 weeks
• Medical Abortion with RU486 is a non-surgical abortion procedure performed in the 1st trimester (first 63 days)
• Medical Abortion (abortion by pill) with Methotrexate and Misoprostol, cytotec, Medical Abortion

Patients are seen at anytime during pregnancy, but management will depend on length of gestation, medical indications, etc.
By its name and continued existence, NELLY Abortion Clinic makes a statement that women are free to make their own choices about their own lives, bodies, and family needs. Our website offers extensive information about abortion information and family planning information.
We have survived anti-abortion harassment and violence and have demonstrated our own level of resolve and determination to provide these services to women in spite of everything. As a result, our patients are protected by the highest standards of safety and security as well as provided with understanding and compassion when they come into our offices.
We provide every patient personal consultation time allowing the patient to ask any questions they may have and for Dr. Nelly and Staff to understand all the special circumstances surrounding each individual's case.
Call us to discuss your confidential situation. Proper discretion is always the order of the day at Nelly Abortion Clinic.

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